Reverse Engineering

Our mechanical designers can help you with your scanning and reverse engineering projects. Our combination of reverse engineering tools and expert SolidWorks skills let us deliver fast and accurate results. We can build 3D solid models of existing legacy products, hand built prototypes, purchased components, or printed circuit boards. In addition, we can help you create accurate documentation for all of your products.

Recently, we added two new technologies:

  • MicroScribe 3DX digitizing arm: We use HighRES software from allowing us to directly create geometry inside of SolidWorks. This helps reduce errors and time when translating between software packages. The geometry you receive from us can be parametrically driven and will reflect the exact features and shape of your parts.
  • NextEngine 3D Scanner: This laser scanner can capture very complex and organic shapes. Because it does not contact the object, it can be used for digitizing flexible objects without distortion.

Assembly Services

If you are a new start-up company, we can help you with the assembly of your products. Make the most productive use of your time by letting us your build your sub-assemblies or final assemblies.

  • Pilot run.
  • Short assembly or sub-assembly runs.
  • Custom products in our facility will not disturb your assembly line.
  • Assembly documentation creation.