SolidWorks Training and Consulting

Our designers have been using Solidworks since its introduction in 1995. Because we use SolidWorks daily in a production environment, we know its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Use our experience with SolidWorks to help you be more productive.

Custom SolidWorks Training

Built especially for you and your needs:

  • Six years of experience teaching SolidWorks at a local technical college.
  • Custom SolidWorks training made just for your company's needs.
  • Learn SolidWorks features and functions on your designs and your products.
  • Learn only the functionality that you need, saving time and money.

SolidWorks Consulting

Let us help you work more efficiently:

  • Templates for an efficient and professional work environment.
  • Automate filling in your drawing title blocks and Bills of Material
  • Libraries of model features such as logos, electrical connector holes and slots.
  • Libraries of parts such as fasteners, switches, motors and valves.
  • SmartComponents, library parts that can dynamically re-size, as well as add the correct size mounting holes and the appropriate fasteners to your assembly.
  • SolidWorks modeling, using our extensive experience creating complex shapes, very large assemblies and parametrically driven geometry.
  • Convert drawings or 2D CAD data into SolidWorks data.
  • Generate animations as simple as a “fly around” or more complex videos showing how a product is used or how it is assembled.
  • Create photo-quality images for inter-departmental meetings, sales brochures, web sites or concept proposals.